History has a unique way of repeating itself at the Max BMW Heritage Restoration center. BMW’s glorious past in former Six Days events dates back to the 30’s during a time when countries battled for honor and national pride in winning the coveted gold medal. Riders like Henne, Kraus and Meier competing on factory twins in a world that was seeing the development of the lighter and more agile two strokes for off road competition. One rider Sabastian Nachtmann on a 69S was often a gold medal winner in the late 50’s and early 60’s on his factory prepped 69S with high pipe performance exhaust , always a force to compete against. In the special tests, which are part of the overall six-day strategy often established the medal difference with the power of the twin. Today, MAX BMW offers an opportunity to ride your 69S as the former factory riders did with this very unique and well engineered high pipe for the R69S. A pipe that transforms the penny loafer wearing rider of the past into a Alpinestar boot wearing gold medal winner of today.

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 18000000027 EXH.SYS.COMP.R69S33.00 1  $3,600.00ADD TO CART
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