MAX BMW Motorcycles Performance

MAX-R Performance

BMW S1000RR 2017 MAX-R Performance Package

R60/5 Project

Introducing the MAX-R Performance Package.

The packet will be available when customers order the bike from MAX BMW Motorcycles or as an after-sales package.

The MAX-R Performance Package consists of:

1. Akropovic Full Exhaust with option of short tail

2. MAX-R Performance intake kit (Performance filter and IAT Relocate Kit)

3. ECU Calibration to Meet Performance Package

We take our development very seriously at MAX BMW. We have spent countless hours to carry out development on the 2017 RR. We will be carrying out tests and further development on different tracks over the next 2 months. Later this year we will launch our track and race plus packages.

Testing was carried out at our new state of the art development center in Brookfield, CT. During our testing, we achieved consistent results. We did not aim to gain maximum results, rather, we aim to gain consistent safe results and refine what BMW created in the first place.

Below are Dyno charts in SAE, STP, and Dyno Jet Comparison.

Although some maps we calibrated will be kept a secret, here are some things we changed on this street package:

Throttle Map A

Throttle Map B

Race/Slick Mode torque maps

Rack/Slick Mode throttle maps

Ignition Timing opt

Ignition Timing Full

Fuel at WOT

Clutch Temperature Control

Drivers Fly Control

Engine Load Control

BMSMP Torque Monitors

We lead, others follow. MAX BMW Motorsports.