MAX BMW Motorcycles Sport



MAX BMW is pleased to announce we now offer car tuning and ECU Mapping at our Brookfield location with use of the state of the art AWD Superflow Dyno system. With our factory specialists and equipment, MAX BMW is always first to develop the best tunes for your BMW Motorcycles. Now, staffed with 20 plus year ECU Developer, we are pleased to offer car dyno testing and tuning for all major automotive brands.

Truth of Tuning:

With countless hours of development on the dyno, street, track and drag strip, MAX BMW can optimize your car to work with a full race exhaust and other engine modifications. From the factory, the engineers deliver the car to meet strict emissions requirements. We make power and increase throttle response by adjusting ignition timing, where applicable cam timing, fuel calibration, and adjusting hidden torque limiters.

We can also increase rev limit and speed limit for motorsport use.  We also offer diesel tuning and fuel economy tuning.  We can also cater to your boats, jet skis, industrial and agricultural vehicles.  MAX BMW can also add features to your car not originally offered on your model.

The MAX BMW Difference

We pride ourselves on the services we offer. We are excited to bring the same level of customer satisfaction from our years of service and tuning in the motorcycle industry to our new venture in automotive dyno testing and tuning. This is a unique experience in the tuning community. Each vehicle will be tested, tuned, and re-tested on location in Brookfield using our AWD Superflow Dyno. Each tune is custom built for your car by an experienced tuning specialist. All ECU tunes include a dyno run before and after tuning.


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